eCommerce Graphics

A Colorful Montage:

Each of these graphics was made to fit an eCommerce home page template; some were published through the CMS, while others were uploaded via FTP and then displayed with inline HTML. There’s a mix of original work and vendor supplied imagery here. Vendors in the green home sector typically don’t have large marketing budgets, and so their stock of media is thin. For the purposes of maintaining a website, this means updating the graphic quality by means of reinvention and repurposing. (courtesy of WorkingWonders, Baltimore, MD)

For clarity, my original photographs include the place setting in the “Set the Stage” block at upper left, the carpet samples in the “natural wool” at lower left, the napkin and plate in the “holiday gifts” block at lower left, the green pillow in the “Satisfy Your Aspirations” block at upper right, and both the candles and the dinnerware in the two smallest blocks.

Remaining images are marketing media from: Liberty Bottle Works, Union Gap, WA | Arghand, Afghanistan | Peter Danko Design, York, PA | Brelli, New York, NY | Blomus, Germany | Eangee Home Designs, Lawrence, KS | Andean Collection, Ecuador | Corkology, Chicago, IL