The Lost Ferrari Project

Illustrations of the Rare and Forgotten:

A wealth of interesting Ferrari designs have come and gone without the general public—and even the narrower enthusiast audience—remembering that they ever were. Online, visual information about these cars is scant, so I decided to compose at least a few of them as illustrations. We’ll see how many I can manage.

The first is a 1968 275 P2 Berlinetta Speciale designed by Bob Peak, a Hollywood movie poster illustrator, and then refined and built by Giovanni Michelotti. (You can find detailed information about the car on my classic automotive website.)

As for the drawing, it’s based on a black and white photograph available on the web, and uses a shot I took of a similar 1965 Ferrari 250 LM in order to confirm the proportions, and to draft some proper looking wheels. I’m not working from scratch, but it’s more rewarding to bring something together from scraps than to cheat off of an actual photograph. One last note, I’m a bit nostalgic over the colors, which were selected and textured based on memories of playing with old Matchbox cars.