Tisch’Ravi Part II

SketchUp 3D Architectural Model:

This post follows the 3D model development of this project. For floor plans and elevations, see Part I.

A couple things to mention: This is my first time working with SketchUp, and my main goal was to represent the plan as drawn. So I’d grade the final product as unrefined, if decent for the complexity. Also, I began this model a few years ago, set it aside, then picked it up on a new machine and crunched through it to the end. It does draw the project into a nice point of completion, but the whole process was a bit disjointed.

As for the plan itself, this is not an optimal house design. It’s more of a characterful design meant to be interesting, and give some creative counterpoint to the typical American residential dirge.

Below is a screenshot gallery of the model at its finished state showing various exterior perspectives, and interior perspectives mostly focused on the main living area.

And because it might be interesting to some, below is a gallery of the model’s developmental stages.